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Fight naked in the mud

Gracious guy Dean Tucker combats the barbed and regardless James Hamilton. Dean Tucker is a beauty  but do not allow that fool you when he steps on to the mat. He packs a amazing armory of moves from his days as a college kick boxer, and there’s nothing decent almost the way he unleashes them. James brings his street-fighting mindset to the Naked Kombat Gay Wrestling ring, but it exclusively goes to show that you ask more an attitude to continue top here. Yes he’s the bad-ass in the Naked Kombat Gay Wresling opening titles. A close match throughout, you will not want to miss the final exam mud round in which each battler is covered from head-to-toe, and is made to abandon their strengths in favor of anything that will keep them from being the bottom.

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Punishing blows, brawling for dominance, and fucking to win

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