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Two ripped studs can’t wait to fuck after a Gay Wrestling match

Two ripped studs can’t wait to fuck after a Gay Wrestling match

Ripped Shayne Erickson accepts ambitious newbie Jimmie Slater. Shayne Erickson brings his feel in Korean military artworks and kickboxing to the mat this workweek, along with the attitude to back it up. Jimmie is looking a good battle and accepts that his experience wrestling with his buddies will get him through the daytime.  But it is shortly before Shayne’s long legs lock him up and take him belt down over and over again in Gay Wrestling match.  After a match full of humiliation and cruel takedowns, these battlers have no trouble keeping their cocks hard during the full third round.  But it’s during the final examination sex round that we see what’s been on both of their minds the entire time.

Studs Pound Each Other to the Mat Before Pounding Each Other in the Ass


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They Fight to be On Top, but Beg to be on the Bottom. Enter to full set.

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